Striking Thompson Park vertical aluminium fins and balustrades

Horizontal and vertical aluminium Louvres, DR Series partially framed aluminium balustrades
Mt Wellington, Auckland
Date :

These new multi-level apartment blocks ooze modernity with our striking vertical aluminium fins and balustrades.

The new development in Mt Wellington of connected multi-level apartment blocks was designed with our vertical fins on pop-outs as a design feature, along with eyebrow louvres above the north facing decks on the top storey. The colour combination of the charcoal fins and the white eyebrows give the buildings a striking aesthetic.

The client and Architect wanted a strong, aesthetic, durable and economical glass barrier system for the decks. After a cantilevered glass system was rejected, the Skyrail DR Series partially framed balustrades provided a better solution to achieve their aims.

February 25, 2016