Aluminium Technology Offers Bespoke Solutions for Outdoor Living

High-density outdoor living often requires solutions for:

  • Fall protection
  • Sun, rain and wind protection
  • Privacy

Aluminium Technology has been in business for over 20 years, developing a range of proprietary systems for these situations, using balustrades, louvres and screens.

A full engineering design service is available. Aluminium Technology can offer advice for project customisation of existing systems, or the development of a new unique solution.

Skyrail Balustrades

  • Fully framed: economical and durable
  • Semi-framed: economical and a wide range of customised options
  • Frameless: Base Channel (side and top fixed), Vice, Stand-off (single and double)

Skyfoil Louvres

  • Operating roof louvres
  • A wide range of airfoil louvres
  • A wide range of rectangular louvres
  • Large louvres up to 1m wide


  • Suitable for barriers, screens and canopies
  • CNC Monocoque screen system
  • Can be formed, shaped and perforated to a project design
  • Strong and durable