Structural Glass Balustrades

Structural Glass Balustrades That Comply With E2: Skyrail CG

Aluminium Technology’s Skyrail CG aluminium base Structural Glass Balustrades channel system ticks all the boxes:

  • Designs to comply with E2
  • Designs that work with soft cladding types
  • Fully integrated designs for mounting appendages: eg interlinking handrails and clips, or louvres and screens
  • Compliance with the new glass regulations

Skyrail CG double fixing design allows the base channel to be ‘stood off’ the building cladding. This permits a weathertight solution which complies with E2. The distance the channel is ‘stood off’ can be varied — for instance to allow water drainage or cleaning.

Skyrail CG double fixing technology enables a structural design that does not bear on cladding systems that have a cavity or are soft (eg. ACM or cedar).

Skyrail CG channel extrusion design facilitates connections and brackets to support ancillary building elements. For instance plates that support interlinking handrails or clips (so that at the end of a balustrade there is no requirement to fix to the building which can be a problem with E2; or if it is soft or on a cavity). Another option is brackets; for instance to support louvres or screens (refer to photo above). This eliminates further penetrations of the cladding with attendant E2 design issues, space issues (there is often not enough room on a deck edge to support two building elements) and gives an elegant design.

Skyrail CG base channel has been fully updated to comply with the new glass regulations. It offers compliant solutions in three configurations:

  • Option 1: Fully frameless with toughened laminated safety glass with stiff interlayer
  • Option 2: Toughened laminated safety glass with interlinking clips
  • Option 3: Toughened safety glass with interlinking handrail