Versatile Aluminium Facade Screens for Apartments

Aluminium Technology’s Skyforme system uses sheet aluminium which is cut, folded and welded to achieve monolithic panels to form screens, canopies and other facade elements. No sub-frame is required, leading to savings on weight and cost. The panels can be made to span at very high wind loads, such as four metres at 3.5 kPa.

Skyforme panels are modelled in 3D Solidworks which enables FEA analysis. Once modelled, the panels enable seamless interlinking with fabrication, which is largely CNC controlled. This gives economies and results in extremely accurate outcomes.

Skyforme panels can be folded and/or perforated to create shapes and profiles. These can be customised to suit different projects.

Skyforme is finished in either powder coating or anodising. It features stainless steel fixings; all to achieve high levels of durability.

Aluminium Technology’s Skyforme system ticks all the boxes:

  • Monolithic design means screens are strong and lightweight
  • 3D modelling and FEA give accurate and economic outcomes
  • CNC manufacturing techniques provide remarkable accuracy
  • Can be folded, perforated or welded to achieve unique project solutions